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Together, we can make positive changes.

Well Family Care Strives To Cover All Your Needs for Mental Wellness

Well Family Care offers a range of complementary services and can create a custom wellness plan for your family.


Counseling Services

We specialize in childhood behavioral health counseling services. We offer individual and group counseling services - online or in-person - for families, kids, and teens, as well as individual adults. We strive to maintain a whole family approach to mental wellness whenever possible. Some [...]



Well Family provides expert psychological and educational assessment and reporting. We offer a variety of screening tools and assessments including achievement, cognitive, developmental, personality, and diagnostic. Many testing instruments can be completed online in the comfort and privacy of your home. Most assessment and [...]


Brain Training

Well Family is a clinical licensee for LearningRx Brain Training. Brain training uses fun but intense mental work-outs to target the cognitive skills the brain uses to think and learn. Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to think, [...]


Educational Support

Well Family offers a variety of educational support services. Our clinical staff is experienced in working with school administration, teachers, school counselors, and on-campus to support your child. All of our clinicians and support staff have DOJ background check and clearance as well as [...]


Online Counseling

Well Family Care Online counseling is convenient and affordable. No more wasted time driving to an office or sitting in a waiting room. Well Family Care's online counseling environment is confidential, safe, and secure. Online therapy can take place on a laptop, tablet, [...]

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Together, we can make positive changes.